Sunday, October 12, 2008

Here, there, and everywhere....

Hello fellow yogis! It has been an exciting couple of weeks in my world. First and foremost Namaste Lutz is up and running and the New Tampa Studio has closed. It was a bittersweet moment for me as I have so many fond memories of that's where I first started practicing. But, the new studio has already started to come to life with a lot of new faces and it is always great seeing the old faces as well.

I also have attended two Kashi events (one in Tampa, and one in Sarasota) with Mrs. Adrienne Reed. Kashi travels to various cities around the country promoting good health, and of course the Kashi brand as well. They asked Adrienne to teach some classes being that yoga is about as healthy as it gets. There was a great turnout at both events, I got a chance to meet some interesting people. Adrienne did a great job teaching and I would attend another Kashi event in a heart beat, not to mention I now have more Kashi food in my house then you can shake a stick at!

Finally I had chance to meet some other Jai Dee instructors. There was a little get together at the studio in which we all sat around and convered about, well, about whatever we wanted. I have a great feeling about that studio and I think it's going to turn into something great. It truly has a unique look and feel and I encourge everyone to give it a try.

I also have some other things cookin' but I don't want to share just yet, it will ruin the surprise! Until next time, namaste.

Monday, September 22, 2008

And so it continues

So it's official, I am done with all my new yoga promotional material. Well, it only consists of a flyer and direct mailer, but you'd be surprised how much work is involved with that! I hope to send out the direct mailer within the month and hopefully print the flyers next week. Oh, how could I have forgotten, I finished my new logo too!! I am VERY proud of this logo.... hopefully it will become known around the yoga community.

Namaste has officially been moved over to the new studio in Lutz. I spent a good portion of my Saturday helping Adrienne and friends move... there was stuff at the old studio that I never even knew existed :-p Now that we have everything moved over I expect the studio to really pick up. Not only will all the New Tampa yogis be going to the Lutz location but we have really stepped up the marketing. I designed some flyers and postcards for the studio, I can't wait to see the return we get. Check out the images below. That's all for now!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Two is better than one?

Hello fellow yogis! Things are quite busy for me in the yoga world. First and foremost I have been avidly working on getting postcards ready so that I can advertise "Yoga Training with Jason." I would like to start doing one-on-one sessions with students :) See the uploaded a picture of the front of the postcard, I am still working on the back. I am very fortunate to be able work with Chad Jarae, a well known local photographer to take my yoga shots!

Also, I have recently started teaching at Jai Dee Yoga Studio in Seminole Heights on Saturdays at 11:30am. This studio has a very different feel than most. Jai Dee is very welcoming with its warm colors and cork floors. Everyone I have met there so far has been very kind and I hope to build my relationship with these wonderful people. There are some very fun things in the pipe for me.... I will keep everyone apprised!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Try Tripod

'ello. This morning's class at Namaste was definitely something to write home about. Two of my wonderful students were able to get into 'tripod' for the first time and not only that.... they stayed there with no spotting! How's that for a great way to start your Saturday :) Although, I must say I do need to start separating Allison and my mother (they are entirely too chatty). Many Kudos to Deepti and Ana! See the pictures below, click to see them full size....

Slap me in the knee and call me certified.

It has been a long time in the making, but the Adrienne Reed Power Yoga Certification Class has come and gone. I remember about a year ago when we (Adrienne and I) started discussing a certification class; I can't believe it's done! The program was a five day, ten hour a day intensive session. Each day consisted of student directed teach times, interactive learning sessions, and of course a lot of fun (true to Adrienne's style). There is a another session coming up soon visit Adrienne's website if you are interested!

I learned a lot of great information; in particular the parts about tension and compression. This was a whole aspect of yoga that I had never even considered. Read this link if you want to learn a little but more; I found it quite informative.

Furthermore, the class helped to hone my teaching skills and I had a chance to brush up on some poses that I had not practiced in awhile. In addition to all the wonderfulness that was the certification I also met some great new friends.

It was very refreshing to have such an eclectic group of people attend the program. Each one of the attendees taught in such a radically different way and each taught me a new trick or two for sure! Alfia (one of my new yoga buddies) has been teaching for years and was definitely the sneakiest one of the bunch. You know how some people have a very calm voice but by the time you are done teaching you are sweatin' bullets? Well, that is Alfia in a nutshell. As she would put it she is "A strong Russian woman!" She too has a blog, click here to peer into the life of Alfia.

See the pictures below(coming soon) that were taken from that faithful week. And, yes my hair was pink, and yes it was cool.